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What Are The Causes Of Migraines?

You probably have experienced an intense pounding headache that lasted for hours or even a day, commonly known as migraine, hurting your health — migraine pain pulse in the forehead on the side of the head or and also around the eyes. Migraine pain gets worse with time and worse with movements, activity, bright light or even loud noise making it hurt more.

When left untreated, the pain can cause nausea, vomiting, among other health issues. The occurrence of migraines can be once to twice a year, or more often as daily if left untreated.  The migraine mostly affects women than men and occurs in different types ranging from classic to common.

So what are the leading causes of migraines?


Stress is the biggest culprit of all, causing almost 70 percent of migraines. This was revealed in a study that 50-70 percent of people had a high association between their diary stress level and migraine occurrence. The worry increases with the perpetual fear of when the next migraines could strike-feels like a never-ending painful cycle.


Ladies are multiple times bound to have migraines than men, and up to 75% of ladies find that they experience assaults around the hour of their menstrual period. This is classified as “menstrual migraine,” happening just during a ladies’ period because of the adjustment in estrogen and progesterone levels that affect your health.


Around 1/3 of individuals with migraine state, dehydration is a trigger, and for a few, even the scarcest traces of dehydration can be the most optimized plan of attack to weakening the head torment. Dehydration influences the body on all levels and can cause tipsiness, perplexed, and can even turn into a health-related crisis.

Drug Overuse

Amusingly, if you have ordinary migraine headaches and take powerful prescription recommended by your primary care physician over 10 days out of a month, it can in itself because more migraine assaults—a marvel known as Medication Overuse Headache (MOH) affect your health.


For some migraine patients, ordinary light is the adversary. This condition is called Photophobia, and it is one of the criteria used to analyze migraine. Both natural, splendid light and fluorescent or glinting bulbs are hazardous, making it hard to invest energy outside or is in an office situation.


There’s a clothing rundown of nourishments known to trigger a migraine assault, the most well-known ones being food sources that contain histamine and MSG, chocolate, cheddar, and other dairy items, artificial sugars (for example aspartame), caffeine, restored meats, and anything with a robust smell.

Caffeine and Alcohol

Numerous individuals discover their migraine side effects are uplifted after devouring caffeine or alcohol. Then again, others state that some espresso can stop their migraine side effects, and a few prescriptions intended to battle migraine agony may contain a portion of caffeine.

Even though migraine patients consider red wine, the primary alcoholic migraine trigger contemplates show that different kinds of alcohol are similarly as likely—and now and then considerably more as often as possible—and hurt your health.

Keep in mind, everybody’s involvement in migraine and migraine triggers is extraordinary. Try not to feel humiliated when conversing with your primary care physician or migraine expert about your triggers—it will assist with giving you an appropriate conclusion and start the best treatment plan for your health indications.