Want A Smile Like Chris Rock’s? Here’s What To Expect

With the recent reemergence of Chris Rock’s career, (we LOVE Fargo at OSN!) a lot of fans are wondering how he got his pearly whites.

The answer….Dental implants.

If you’ve been thinking about getting implants for yourself, here’s what you can expect:

You would be surprised by how simple it actually is. It only takes five steps, and in practically no time you’ll have your happy, lively smile back. While we can’t promise you’ll be starring in your own T.V series like Chris Rock, a healthy, happy smile is the next best thing! And we’re sure you’ll be ecstatic with your newfound confidence.

Here is a quick rundown of each step on your journey to a healthier smile.


  • The initial consultation: Before you can tackle any other part of the process, you will come in to meet with your dentist and discuss which options are right for you. During your consultation, you can find out more about pricing, the procedure, and anything else that you may have questions about regarding dental implants. Your dentist will also examine your oral health, and make sure that you have enough bone for a dental implant to be a viable option. Even if the bones in your jaw have somewhat deteriorated, an oral surgeon can still use bone grafting to rebuild the bone so that it can properly support an implant. This step may include getting dental X-rays taken, or having models made of your teeth and mouth.



  • Treatment plan: Shortly after the consultation, your dentist will design a treatment plan for you that lays out the expected timeline for your new teeth. During this step, you and your dentist will go over your goals and discuss your medical history in more detail. You will also take into account how many teeth are in need of replacement, as well as the condition of your jawbone.



  • Implant placement: After an agreement has been made regarding the treatment plan and the expected timeline, you will then come in for the actual placement of the implant. It is expected to be nervous during this stage, but many people report that it was more comfortable than they expected. If you are receiving multiple implants, this step may be split up into multiple stages rather than doing them all at once. It is also possible that you may require a bone graft or need to have the tooth removed before implant placement. If necessary, these things may be discussed during the planning stages of treatment.



  • Follow up: In the subsequent weeks after the placement of your implant, you will follow up with your dentist on a regular basis in order to make sure that you are comfortable and that everything is healing properly. Depending on the type of restoration that fits your needs, the final teeth are usually placed sometime after roughly twelve weeks.



  • Maintenance appointments: Your efforts to improve your health are worth preserving. In order to do so, we will have you back routinely for check-ups. It is important to get professional cleanings on a regular basis as well, in order to keep your smile in premium condition and good health. These appointments help you dentist ensure that your implants are still functioning properly.


What are your other options?

While dental implants are considered the top choice for replacing missing teeth, many people find that dentures are a more affordable option. Your dentists will help you weigh the pros and cons, including the financial and aesthetic considerations, during your consultation.

If you think dental implants might be for you, contact your dentist today for a consultation. Don’t spend another day with a smile you’re embarrassed of!